As an extension of our Partners’ in-house teams, Metaminds has deployed a diverse variety of solutions that drive mission critical business functions in a
broad range of industries.
Automotive Financial Services Transportation Healthcare
Insurance Manufacturing Public Safety Retail
Security Telecommunications Utilities Government
  Metaminds has enhanced Partner offerings and effectiveness all along the solutions development lifecycle (SDLC) in an extensive set of software solution domains:
  Web Applications
  Mobile/Wireless Applications
  Smart Client Applications
  Client-Server/Middleware Applications
  Packaged Software Extensions/Customizations
  A small sampling of solutions delivered, industries served and key technologies utilized by Metaminds in collaboration with Partners is shown below.
Solution Description Solution Domain*
Retail Guided Selling Solution (Retail)
> J2EE, C++, IBM AIX, IBM Websphere, Sybase
Fleet Tracking System (Telecommunications)
> C#.NET, ASP.NET, Windows, SQL Server, GPS, GIS, GPRS/GSM
e-Catalog Creation & Management Product (Manufacturing)
> J2EE, C++, Windows, UNIX, SQL Server, DB2
Mobile Proof of Delivery System (Transportation)
> ASP.NET, Visual C++, Windows, Windows Mobile, SQL Server & CE
Online Bill Payment Solution (Utilities)
> J2EE, LINUX, Oracle
Mobile Debt Collection System (Financial Services)
> J2EE, J2ME, JSP, EJB, Oracle, GSM/GPRS
Mobile Process Monitoring System (Government)
> ASP.NET, VC++, Windows Mobile, SQL Server/Mobile, GSM, SMS
IP Fax Messaging Solution (Healthcare)
> ASP.NET, C++, Visual C++, Windows, Oracle, Dialogic
Biometric Access Control System (Security)
> C++, Windows, Oracle
Mobile Case Management System (Public Safety)
> C++, RF, Dial 100 e-cops
Vehicle Inspection System (Automotive)
> C#, ASP.NET, Windows, Windows Mobile, SQL Server, SQL Mobile
Claims Management System (Insurance)
> EVC++, ASP.NET, Windows, Windows Mobile, SQL Server & Mobile
IVR Issue Management System (Manufacturing)
> C++, Visual C++, Windows, SQL Server, Dialogic
  * Web: Web Applications; M/W: Mobile/Wireless; SC: Smart Client; CSM: Client Server/Middleware; PSX: Packaged Software Extensions
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