Metaminds Consulting Servicesoffers    a complete offshore staff scalability    solution that: 
   Reduces solutions development and     testing costs by 65%
   Quickens solutions time to market     (for a fixed budget) by up to 50%
    Augments solutions and services     delivery capacities by up to 100%
    Decreases applications maintenance     and support costs by up to 65%
    Increases consulting services margin     by an incremental 10% to 25%


Metaminds helps our Partners build flexible, dedicated technology teams in India that supplement and complement their in-house technology staffs. Our offering effectively creates an Offshore Center of Excellence to support Partner branding, increase Partner scalability and enhance Partner solutions & service offerings. Through an alliance with Metaminds, Partners can leverage their new offshore organizations to compete equally with firms that embrace global sourcing and outpace competitors that have not yet begun to realize the advantages of offshoring.

  High caliber of Indian software engineering talent.
  Ability to scale team size upwards without the hassle and expense of recruiting.
  Ability to scale team size downwards without negatively impacting employee morale.
  Progress and productivity during U.S. night-time hours.
  Capital requirements for office space, furnishings & computers absorbed by vendor.
  Cost of comparable resources significantly less than U.S.-based professionals.

  Exceptional caliber of Metaminds software engineers (>90% with Master’s Degrees).
  Established success over a broad range of industries and domains.
  Ability to scale team size and rotate skill sets to meet Partners’ dynamic business needs.
  Adaptable Best Practices driven by Partner-specified tools, technologies and requirements.
  Dedicated teams to ensure business knowledge continuity from project to project.
  Services model that focuses 100% on helping Partners serve THEIR customers.
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