Metaminds’ CoreFlexSM Delivery Model is a proven, effective solution for augmenting our Partners’ technology organizations with skilled, cost-effective teams of resources in India. Extending from a dedicated Core Team that provides business process & knowledge continuity, Flex Teams enable rapid scalability to support real-world business dynamics. Metaminds works in tandem with each Partner in all 3 phases of CoreFlexSM implementation.
  Confirm: Identify recurring activities and projects that are suitable candidates for offshoring
  Engage: Assemble Core Team, implement business processes and manage activities and projects

Scale: Add/Delete/Modify Flex Teams with the natural ebb and flow of activities and projects
  The CoreFlexSM Delivery Model allows you, our Partner, to:
  Establish your dedicated offshore presence with a Core Team team as small as 3 resources.
  Structure your teams based on targeted organizational units (technology skill sets, SDLC phase, specific deliverables, WBS units, etc.).
  Add/Delete Flex Teams based on your dynamic business needs.
  Ramp Up or Ramp Down your Flex Teams with just 30 days notice.
  Rotate skill set composition of your Flex Teams with just 30 days notice.
  Direct the work efforts of your Flex Teams using your Best Practices.
  Focus the work efforts of your in-house resources on strategic business activities.
  Safeguard your business knowledge continuity with dedicated Core Team resources.
  Extend your branding and protect your customer relationships with an offshore partner focused solely on YOUR success.
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